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Here at Black Tiger Bay Campground we want everyone to have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime! With your help in following the Park's rules and regulations, we can insure that everyone has a wonderful stay.

Rental season is from May 1 through September 30th. At owner's discretion, these dates may fluctuate depending on weather. Winter access will be available at owner's discretion and only electrical service will be supplied during that time.

Fees & Payments

  • There is a $500.00 deposit for lots due by October 1st, and the remainder which is to be paid by March 15th, of the contract year.

  • Additional RV campers will be charged $25.00 per night in overflow, no services, or weekend campsites with services $50.00 per night.

  • Electrical usage for the rental season will be billed separately.

Site Requirements

  • A mandatory sex offenders background check will be preformed on all tenants and renters prior to contracts signed.

  • You must have permission before bringing in a camping unit.

  • Sheds must be less than 100 square feet and kept no closer than five feet from the RV unit. Any additional plumbing to these must be okayed by owner. Entertainment/Bar Sheds cannot be over 200 square feet. Storage shed must be approved by management.

  • Off-road vehicles are permitted within the campground boundaries. These vehicles are not allowed off the designated roads and parking areas. Speed limit must be obeyed. Children under the age of 14 and without a drivers license are not permitted to drive. Parents are responsible and held accountable for their children. All people operating off road vehicles must have a drivers license. (No dirt bikes on the property.)

  • Any golf carts or four wheelers operating after dark must have a headlight.

  • Each campsite is provided with one water, electric and sewage hookup.

  • All campers must have a hard pipe for septic drainage.

  • Mowing is the renter's responsibility. Lawns must be kept maintained. Mowing services are available. Mowing rates change depending on your site lawn size.

Rules & Regulations

  • The speed limit is 5 MPH throughout the entire campground.

  • The speed limit is 15 MPH between the campground and County Road 6.

  • Quiet time is between 11:00pm and 7:00am.

  • Disorderly conduct of any kind will not be tolerated and will be basis for eviction case by case per owner's discretion.

  • You cannot sublease your camping trailer on site.

  • Keep your site clean, neat and orderly. Please take your bagged garbage to the dumpster provided.

  • Do not place any fish remains in dumpster. Facilities will be available for cleaning and disposing.

  • Cutting off any bushes or trees is prohibited unless approved by the owner.

  • Firewood must be stored one foot off the ground.

  • Fires must be contained within a fire pit. Fire permits can be obtained at the Fire Dept. in Ft. Totten during burning bans.

  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and owners must clean up after them. Do not leave pets unattended or allow them to bother other campers.

  • You are responsible for your guests within the campground. It is the camper's responsibility to inform and enforce the campgrounds rules, including the sex offender policy.

  • Vehicles must be parked within your campsite area. Roadways must be kept clear.


All tenants will keep in effect, during the entire term of this agreement and at his or her sole cost and expense, liability and property damage insurance with respect to the leased campsite and the campers belongings thereon, and save the hold harmless the owner from any damages, suits, or other liabilities arising from any loss whatsoever and however caused, including but not limited to the interruption of water, sewage, electric services, and the use in general of the said leased campsite other property of the owner and the infrastructures associated with Black Tiger Bay RV Park.

The owner reserves the right to terminate this campsite agreement and to evict any person who does not comply with the terms and conditions of the contract signed and of the rules above. Refunds will be issued. In the event of eviction, the tenant agrees to remove all of its personal property and to restore the campsite to retable status at owners discretion. Failure to comply with aforementioned, grants permission to Black Tiger Bay RV Park to complete these duties without liability, at the tenants/renters expense.

By signing the contract between you and the owner of Black Tiger Bay RV Park the camper hereby releases Black Tiger Bay RV Park in advance for responsibility of, any and all losses of damage to any equipment or personal property of the camper, his family, guests, or visitors, while or about the premises of the renters property. In addition, the campers hereby in advance releases and agrees to hold harmless Black Tiger Bay Campground from any and all liability for personal injury of a camper, his family, guest or visitor.